Friday, December 19, 2008

No Coke, No Game

Hot chicks, fast cars and football: Coke Zero proves once more it’s a drink for men.

Concerning EURO 2008, ‘North Kingdom’ has designed a full screen and 3D game for Coke Zero Germany.

The story of the game is simple: A cool young guy wants to see the football game, but all tickets were sold out and his TV broke down. While finding consolation in a Coke Zero, three sexy women appear in muscle cars. They tell him that if he conquers four challenges, he will get to watch the game from a perfect spot, with his friends, the three women and of course a cold Coke Zero.

More recently, Coke Zero made a game, called Rooftop Racer, around NASCAR. The purpose is to keep your bottle of Coke in balance on the roof of famous driver Elliott Sadler’s car.

Fun fun fun!

Hannelore Dekoning


As far as advertising goes, the public has grown used to some bizarre and extraordinary campaigns by a lot of well known brands. Recently Coca Cola Zero, possibly the biggest brand in the world, has launched the most outlandish campaign of the year.

In four cities in Brazil the local piercing shops offered to pierce your tongue with a free Coke Zero tongue stud. In exchange for this piece of jewellery, your pierced tongue would be photographed and put online.

Even though this campaign, called “advertasting’ , wasn’t the biggest success for Coke Zero, it gained a lot of publicity and thus name awareness.

Hannelore Dekoning


We gave up hope : White flags will never appear in the war between Pepsi and Coke.

Recently Coca Cola released their new soft drink on the market, “Coke Zero”, followed by a huge and omnipresent marketing campaign. Coca Cola’s goal was to reach young male consumers, who refuse to drink Diet coke because of its feminine image.
However, Pepsi already had a sugar-free drink aimed at young men. The very popular Pepsi Max had been released in the UK years ago, in 1993.
But Pepsi has cleverly countered all the buzz about Coke Zero. Not only is Pepsi releasing a new advertising campaign in the UK that will focus on media coverage, they also have started a very witty campaign with the slogan “Max Taste, Zero Hype”, mocking the “Zero” name.
Seeing that the sales of Coke Zero aren't what they're supposed to be and given that Pepsi Max continues to dominate the specific market, it seems that Pepsi with its advertisements outsmarts Coke Zero's overkill and brute campaigns

Hannelore Dekoning

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dispute about the Zero name.

Ringnes, the largest brewery in Norway founded in 1986, claims that Coca-Cola stole the Zero name from Bryggeriforeningen, who supposedly owns the right to the Zero name. Bryggeriforeningen, also known as The Danish Brewers’ Association, was founded in 1899 and owns the right to distribute several large beer and soft drink brands, such as Carlsberg, Tuborg and Pepsi. The Danish Brewers’ Association used the Zero name on a non-alcoholic beverage that Ringnes promoted in the early 70’s. It has been more than ten years since the Zero beverage from Ringnes was last seen in stores, but that doesn’t mean that Coca-cola shouldn’t have done a more thorough research before launching their latest product.

Katrien Cooremans

From white to black

It has been just over two years since the Coca-Cola Company launched its "Bloke Coke" into the UK market but the results are not that high.
It’s the Australian marketing campaign who is responsible for the new Coke Zero hype. Their target are men between 15 and 25 years old. That’s the reason why the colour of Coke Zero changed from white to black.
The new campaign is working successfully, in at least 2 months their shares have risen to 19 percent. The same strategy is also used in Europe.
Coke Zero, the solution to obesity fears among young men, has now attracted more of the target consumers to the market. You ain’t a real man ‘till you drank the Black Coke.

Cornelis Silke

Coke Zero beach

Coca Cola tried for months to launch the new Coke Zero on the Belgian Market. After trying every traditional way of promoting a product, without success, they settle to go for the virtual system. You must chat up the beautiful Amina (notorious from the famous television soap Temptation Island) into your bed. This by giving her the correct answers to all her questions. Beside getting a place in Aminas bed, you can also win a ticket for a day on the Coke Zero beach, with even more sexy babes. This way of promoting a product isn’t much original but flirting with an exotic woman is a game for every man.

Cornelis Silke

Football as it should be

For more than 70 years, Coca Cola has a heritage in football. But now, Coca Cola Zero, also called the “Bloke Coke”, is to unveil the most exciting football promotion, with in the spotlight, the famous football player Wayne Rooney. Football fans need to look out for special packs of Coke Zero combined with a code and enter it online or via SMS. Afterwards you know immediately if you and your club have won the sum of £25,000. There are also many other prices up for grabs. The winner will be crowned 2008's ‘Coke Zero Street Striker’ and will also get the chance to meet Wayne Rooney.

Cornelis Silke